Ellen Jane Macleod

Christian author. I think she was American, although I have been able to find almost nothing about her and cannot confirm this. Some of her books were first published in the UK, others in America, although they do seem to have American settings. She wrote a few mystery/adventure novels with a Christian theme. One of these was a pony story. I have read this and the religious aspect is fairly easy-going, certainly not overly evangelical. Although nothing outstanding, It is not too bad a read at all, certainly not the worst Christian pony story written.

Also reputedly writes under the name of Ella Anderson, although I am not sure if she wrote any pony stories under that name.

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in hardback.
Reprinted in the USA by Christian Literature Crusade.
SUMMARY: Pony adventure/mystery with a slight Christian slant. Lonely horse-loving boy Don is overjoyed to be spending the holidays with some of his fellow school friends at a ranch and learning to ride. He is glad to escape from his guardian Uncle Ben, a rather crusty forbidding man who has become so since his brother, Don's father, disappeared in a storm many years ago. Throughout the holiday Don makes friends, wins a pony race and even solves the mystery of his father's disappearance!

Collector's info:
This book is reasonably easy to find both in the UK and the USA and as with most Christian literature it is usually fairly cheap.